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From 2014 onwards grants made by the Cheddar Youth Trust in the area of sporting achievement are awarded in the memory of Dick Edmonds a lifelong Cricketer and local sportsman. Click here for more information

The Dickie’s Diamonds Sports Achievement Awards



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  What is Cheddar Youth Trust?



Cheddar Youth Trust was established in 2000 to mark the new millennium.


Its purpose is to help and encourage the young people of Cheddar to take great pride in their community and their own endeavours and it does this by:

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Bath Arms support for CYT on Festive Night

Thanks to the Bath Arms, Cheddar Youth Trust enjoyed a successful festive fund-raising night in December when trustees staffed a hog roast stall outside the pub, raising £530. “We would like to thank Jacqui Lewis of the Bath Arms for her generosity and help in enabling us to raise this fantastic amount,” said CYT chairman Clive Panchaud.


Assisting young people in their educational, professional or vocational training.

Encouraging them to engage in service within the local community.

Supporting them in engaging in worthwhile activities in other parts of the United Kingdom and overseas.

Supporting the development or formation of any club or organisation catering for young people's needs.

Helping young people where real need can be demonstrated.

Why is the trust needed?


Some towns and villages have inherited trust funds that mean they can make money available to causes such as supporting young people, but unfortunately Cheddar doesn’t. So the trust’s aim is to raise enough money to make meaningful annual awards to the young people of Cheddar for perpetuity.


The initial target was £100,000 but it was realised that in the long term a figure of around £300,000 will be required, depending on interest generated, if the trust is to allocate grants of £5,000 or more each year.


The trust is currently making grants of more than £4,000 a year to the young people of the parish and since it was launched in 2000 it has developed a fund of £130,000 and has provided grants of more than £35,000 to well over 200 young people.

Message from the Chairman


At the Millennium, a group of like-minded people got together to form a trust fund for the young people of Cheddar and from this meagre beginning the fund has grown to approximately £130,000 over 18 years as of January 2018. Grants are made twice a year, each May and November, from the interest and fundraising to help the furtherance of personal development.








So if you are between five and 25 and live within the Parish of Cheddar then download an application form now and submit it to the trustees for consideration in time for our deadlines on 30th April or 31st October. The trust is here to help you.


With regard to fundraising, our Race Night in 2017 raised £1,400 and support such as that from the Bath Arms at Festive Night and the fantastic donation from the Cheddar Fire Brigade crew make so much difference. Though the trust relies on the generosity of the Cheddar village people many of whom give regularly, so please support the trust by either monthly giving via a direct debit, one-off gift or a legacy by way of your will, and this will secure the trust well into the future for successive younger generations. Thank you.


Clive Panchaud


Chairman of the Trustees - January 2018

Sarah Comer Educational Charity


For more information on the Sarah Comer Educational Charity  please click here.

Equipment | Playing costs | Coaching fees

Tools of trade | Course fees

Further education | Vocational training | Leadership skills

Musical Instruments | Dance and drama tuition

In communities both in the UK and abroad

CYT chairman Clive Panchaud pictured presenting Jacqui with flowers.


Cheddar Fire Brigade assists CYT

Cheddar Youth Trust has been presented with £400 by firefighters at Cheddar Fire Station. The team collects for charity on various occasions throughout the year, including Cheddar Festive Night, and officers recommend local charities to be recipients. Three of these recommendations are drawn from a hat and each receives one third of the total raised. In 2017 Cheddar Youth Trust was first out of the hat and crew manager Alexander Howley presented Clive Panchaud, the trust’s chairman, with the cheque In November.

Cheddar Fire Station crew manager Alexander Howley (third from left) is pictured presenting Cheddar Youth Trust chairman Clive Panchaud (fourth from the right) with a cheque for £400.


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