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From 2014 onwards grants made by the Cheddar Youth Trust in the area of sporting achievement are awarded in the memory of Dick Edmonds a lifelong Cricketer and local sportsman. Click here for more information

The Dickie’s Diamonds Sports Achievement Awards



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how can I help ?

How can I donate?


If you would like to help us towards our target fund, please click here for a Gift Aid form that you can save and / or print. Alternatively, please contact Mark Meldon, Honorary Treasurer, details on the contact page.  


The Gift Aid form can be used by both tax-payers and non-taxpayers. Non-taxpayers simply need to cross out the four lines related to tax, printed just above where the signature is required.


Gift Aid can be very valuable to the Trust adding around 25% to the value of each £1 donated through the reclaiming of tax already paid by  the donor.


Even as little as £4 a month brings in over £60 per year (£48 plus the reclaimed tax). If only 50 families made this small donation, the Trust would benefit by over £3,000 per year.


Please submit Gift Aid forms to:


Mr Mark Meldon, Hon Treasurer (CYT), Meldon & Co LTD, Bath Street, Cheddar, BS27 3AA



The Trustees hope that many people who have enjoyed living in Cheddar will want to remember the Trust in their wills knowing that any gift will work for the young people here for many generations to come.


Only through legacies will the trust achieve its £300,000 capital fund target.

The business community


The Cheddar Youth Trust can help local businesses to be seen as socially responsible and supportive of local initiatives. For as little as £25 per month the business will have the use of the trust’s logo to feature in the communications material etc and will be listed by the trust as a patron.


If only 25 local businesses donate £25 a month the trust would benefit by over £7,500 per year.