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From 2014 onwards grants made by the Cheddar Youth Trust in the area of sporting achievement are awarded in the memory of Dick Edmonds a lifelong Cricketer and local sportsman. Click here for more information

The Dickie’s Diamonds Sports Achievement Awards



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Sarah Comer Educational Charity


The Sarah Comer Educational Charity was in existence for over 225 years and is recorded on the large stone plaque on the gate post of the Bath Arms in Cheddar.


With aims very similar to the Cheddar Youth Trust, The Sarah Comer Educational Charity featured education and training at its core, the trustees extending the scope to cover the educational experience of travel and leadership within its brief.


Contrary to the Cheddar Youth Trust which accepted applications from younger people, the Sarah Comer Educational Charity age range was limited to 16 to 25 years because the original concept all those years ago was to support young people in apprenticeships.














The future ...


During 2014 the Sarah Comer Educational Charity was incorporated into the Henry Budget Trust and the Cheddar Youth Trust and it’s capital was apportioned accordingly.


The trustees of the Cheddar Youth Trust are committed to ensuring that the work of the Sarah Comer Educational Charity is remembered in perpetuity.