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Cheddar Youth Trust

Helping young people to help themselves

Welcome to the Cheddar Youth Trust Cheddar Youth Trust helps and encourages the young people of Cheddar to take great pride in their community and their own endeavours. Whether it is funding for a new guitar, or money towards a volunteering trip to Africa, Cheddar Youth Trust is here to support the youth of the village.

With the donations, you’ve helped:

  • Buy a new guitar
  • Travel to Africa for volunteering
  • Paid for Judo coaching for a silver medallist
  • A ballet dancer continue dancing
  • Another
  • Another


Can we help you next?

Supporters include:

  • Long term CYT supporter Anne Langford, who raised £400 in part through a Garage Sale
  • Huw Davies asked for donations to the Trust in lieu of birthday presents and raised £400
  • Jonathan Comer who asked for donations for his 75th birthday raised £800


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CHEDDAR YOUTH TRUST Incorporating the Sarah Comer Trust (Education) GRANT APPLICATION FORM

Do you need financial support for a project? If so, read below and then complete the form overleaf.

The main objectives of the Trust are:

  • To assist young people in their educational, professional or vocational training. Eg, you may need books or equipment for your course of study or training, or have a special talent which will benefit from additional specialist teaching or coaching.
  • To encourage and assist young people to engage in service to the community or other worthwhile activity in the Cheddar area or in other parts of the UK or overseas. Eg, you may want to work here in Cheddar or away from home and possibly abroad, in assisting those who are old or ill or handicapped or you may want to do such things abroad to help people less fortunate than yourself.
  • To support the development or formation of any club or organisation catering for young people. Eg, You may wish to take some responsibility for getting a club off the ground or help to develop a group activity.
  • To help where real need can be demonstrated. Eg, family finances or a disability may be such that you cannot take up an available opportunity.

If you do not understand any of the details above or in the form overleaf, do not be put off; just apply. The Trustees want to see as many applications as possible and can come back to you if they need further information.

1. Applicants must be aged between five and 25 years at the submission closing date.
2. Applicants must have lived in Cheddar Parish for at least 12 months prior to the submission closing date.
3. Applicants are restricted to one application in any 12-month period.
4. Include as many details of your activity or project as you can. This will help the Trustees in their decision.

An Important Requirement: It is a condition of the grant that when you have used the money you will complete the grantee report, describing your project together with some photos. This will enable the Trustees to fully appreciate the results of the grant and with your agreement could be used to obtain publicity to both yours and the Trust’s mutual benefit. When the grant is approved, you will receive an acceptance form which you will complete and return. You will also receive a pro-forma grantee report to fill in on completion of your project. Acceptance of the grant will be taken as your agreement to these terms.